For mother’s happiness
Under the principle that mother has to be preferentially happy, MOTHER-K brand focuses on safe baby products that even mothers with no experience can use with ease.
For the baby’s
precious ‘FIRST’ moment
K-MOM studies the baby’s precious ‘FIRST’ moment.
We will be there to allow the baby’s first happy moment to be the base of well growth. K-MOM’s ‘FIRST’ is the beginning of infant care.
For the happiness of
new generation
The moment only to focus on myself.
The moment to get away from routine life to solely relax, fully filled with my stuff I find familiar with.
We suggest the happiness to all of your moments that is not too dull or sensitive.


MOTHER-K keeps on working for the comfort and happiness for all the family members.


MOTHER-K Reaching To The World

MOTHER-K is continuously growing to be the global brand for baby products by building harmonious partnership with overseas partners.