first of childcare for the ‘first moment’ with precious babies.

We at K-Mom began to study and make products suitable for the 'first moment' because we know the beginning of a baby‘s life is precious.
more sophisticated because of the first moment, we have developed products including first detergents for preparation for childbirth,
wet wipes first contacting delicate baby skin, and first pull-up diapers for babies‘ sensitive skin.
K-Mom will continue to make the products trustworthy for the first time.
We will be together for all the babies‘ first moments so they grow the way they should with good memories of the first moments.

‘The First’ of K-Mom is the start of childcare.


the comfort of meeting for the first time in one's life

First Diaper

band diaper   ·   pull-up diaper It increases the instantaneous absorption with a monthly customizable technique and protects the baby's sensitive skin from birth to infancy with the finest soft fabric.
the first cleanness of the skin

First Wet Wipes

Sanitary Non-Pop-Up Folding Skills It is hygienic because it is not exposed to germs at once. It contains USDA-certified seed oil and premium embossing fabric keeps the baby skin moisturized and soft.
First tooth care for my child

Baby&kids toothbrush toothpaste

the beginning of a correct brushing habit It is divided into flexible, hairless toothbrushes, fluorine and fluorine that can be managed from the infant tooth to the permanent toothbrush development.
My kid's first laundry is...

detergent line

ZERODUST. Natural Family. Natural Origin powder detergent eco-friendly detergents from plant origin
From sensitive newborn babies, the whole family can be used together, and everything that touches the baby's mouth and hands can be kept pure and clean.
first outing with a child

Baby food line

the completion of breastfeeding eco-friendly detergents from plant origin
Unique colors and designs, as well as milk bottles, can be used as straw cups.
Moisturizing recipe for baby’s sensitive skin throughout the four seasons

First Skincare

First moisture 2 in1 hair & body wash, First moisture cream, First moisture lotion and first gel lotion keeps baby’s skin moisturizing all the time.
Thoroughly protect your children by killing various invisible germs

K-MOM hand sanitizer spray & gel type

This spray-type allows you to keep your hands clean without water and soap, and kills harmful germs quickly and easily. K-MOM Hand Sanitizer is non-denatured alcohol that is derived from fermenting sugars and yeast contained by grains and is used as an ingredient for food.