MOTHER-K is loved premium birth&baby goods professional brand
as best quality and safety.

Mother-k is manufacture to mind in Baby Mama's want gave just precious, and we want to give top priority to safety and hygiene,
participate in planning to study carefully.
MOTHER-K to create products using only the peace of mind and the quality ingredients and materials are managed through regular quality checks,
installation of safety as well as R & D design center to capture the identity of a more convenient length what
MOTHER-K for child care all We design products.
MOTHER-K is currently exported to Asia, seven countries have been recognized Mothers around the world for safety and product quality.

MOTHER-K thinks creatively about a mothers‘ happiness


Eco baby

zipper bag Line

Good eco baby zipper bag considering our babies‘ future environment It is made of 'Sugarcane Bio-Pe,' which is a recyclable resource, and with the double zipper and thick material, it allows baby items to be stored safely.
Lightening the diaper bag

Storage bag line

Perfect storage of nutrition-rich colostrum as baby food for going out It has a function to check the temperature as well as material without benzophenol, so new moms can store breast milk and baby food for going out safely and conveniently.
My child‘s hygiene management is

Hygienic line

Essential hygiene products for preparation for childbirth We are responsible for the hygiene of newborn babies by providing safe materials and convenience so babies with weak immune systems can use them safely every day.
Trusted to use

feeding bottle line

Customized breastfeeding solution for each development stage Possible to use by replacing only the caps for the first time with unique colors, design, and practicability. Safe with BPA-free products.
A grip that perfectly fits a child hand

Straw cup

Completion of 'all-in-one system' for breastfeeding With a unique color and design, the first feeding bottle is very practical since it can be used as a straw cup by replacing the nipple.
The start of preparations for childbirth

Gauze Handkerchief/disposable baby Dry Tissue

Gauze handkerchief. / dry tissue The handkerchief line is designed for use and convenience. You can use disposable dry tissue and multi-use handkerchiefs for your purpose.
For meticulous moms

Maternity items

Customized breastfeeding pads for mothers' diverse lifestyles With quick absorbency and a comfortable fit, they can be used conveniently in any situation, including those with sensitive skin and working moms.
Lighter than and as safe as glass

Baby food line

Preparation for lightweight, safe, ready-to-go baby food Tritan containers‘ highly durable baby food cubes store the fresh baby food for our precious babies.

Laundry line

Safely with a non-fluorescent laundry net We can safely wash our fragile neonatal clothes.
And meeting style!

cleaning line

Cleaning lines constructed for use and convenience Help clean up the feeding bottle.