The beginning of Mother-K,
the No.1 Brand for maternity and baby product

    Establlished ‘MOTHER-K, a specialized brand in baby products.

    First to launch ‘Baby Vinyl’, and ‘Baby Zipper Bag’

    Awarded top 100 Products at the 100 VIP Asia Awards

    Launched baby zipper bag Unit Line


    Launched breastmilk storage bag, one of the best seller.

    Acquired the ISO 9001 quality management system.

    Launched baby zipper bag series, Xlarge and Light.


    Launched disposable zipper bag series.

    Launched Le Filet de MOTHER-K Fabric line.


    Converted to MOTHER-K Co., Ltd.

    Launched MOTHER-K’s second brand ‘K-MOM’.

    Established MOTHER-K-K’s Design Research Center.

    Launched K-MOM baby wet wipes.

    Acquired ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

    Acquired ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system.

    Established MOTHER-K Taiwan, and made contract for distribution.


    Launched safe nail scissor 3 set&safe cotton buds 2 set

    Established Hygiene product line.

    Achieved the 1st level acquired by Korean Consumer (For all baby products)

    Launched easy-cut breastmilk storage bag and adhesive cotton bud.

    Awarded business woman by Gyeonggi-do.


    Established disposable feeding line.

    Launched feeding bottle washing products.

    Acquired reliable product for atopy skin by Atopy Korea

    Awarded Premium Brand Award selected by female Consumers.

    Selected as top 100 Products at the 100 VIP Asia Awards.(Breast Pad&Breastmilk storage bag)

    Launched MOTHER-K Premium / Thin Bamboo breast pad.


    Launched MOTHER-K PPSU feeding bottle for New Born Baby, and breast-alike nipple.

    Launched MOTHER-K All-in-one straw cup.

    Awarded Premium Brand Award selected by female Consumers for consecutive 2years.

    Selected as a potential company in 2016.

    Awarded female employment company by Gyeonggi-do.

    Awarded 53th minister prize for trading.


    Launched K-MOM band and pull up type diaper.

    Selected as the best products in High Seoul.

    Awarded 35th Export Tower Award.

    Selected as the best brand by Korea Mom’s Choice.

    Awarded Malaysia Asia Honesty Award.

    Awarded superior export company by Gyeonggi-do.Awarded certificate from GBSA.


    Selected as the 1st place For the best brand for baby by BBKI.

    Extended distribution to Mexico and Indonesia.

    Participated Cologne baby Fiar, held in Germany.

    Achieved 1st place of BRAND PREFERENCE in 2018 (Baby Detergent sector)

    Launched MOTHER-K disposable healing series, block nipple case, and eco-baby zipper bag.

    Carried out <Bichae Box>, environment production campaign.


    Launched MOTHER-K 369 feeding bottle series, Sterilized tooth wipe

    Selected as Promising Company for Design innovation in 2019

    Diaper and wet wipe products selected as idea product by HIGH SEOUL 2019

    Launched K-MOM FIRST wet wipe series, and oral care line


    Launched MOTHER-K BASIC feeding bottle, and oral development products.

    Selected as K-Brand, representing Korea.

    Achieved the number of 100,000 members at ‘MOTHER-K Mall’.

    14 products selected as congratulatory gift by Seoul.

    Extended distribution to Canada&Belarus.


    Relocated MOTHER-K’s logistics center, and opened studio.

    Launched 4th generation BASIC feeding bottle and straw cup.

    Launched DIA detergent line.

    Renewed and opened MOTHER-K online mall.

    Penetrated into 12 branches of HOMPLUS.

    Launched home products brand,’ MOTHER-K Life’.

    Launched baby bath products line, ‘PUCOCO’.


    Introducing “MOTHER-K SOLUTIO,”
    a brand of MOTHER-K for antenatal and postnatal care.

    MOTHER-K Mall, which has 130,000 members,
    was awarded at the 2022 Gyeonggi Women Entrepreneurs Competition
    by the Minister of SMEs and Startups.

    A commendation from the Governor of Gyeonggi-do
    as an “Excellent Venture Business in Gyeonggi-do.”