The first comfortable feeling

White Label Diaper

Premium diaper with essential points Protects baby skin with the premium fabric and method of absorption customized based on Baby’s growing state.
The first cleanliness


Technique of sanitary non-pop-up skill No more additional popping, premium embo fabric with USDA approved seed oil Protects baby’s skin.
My baby’s first teeth care

Baby & Kids Toothbrush, Toothpaste

The beginning of right habit of teeth brushing Elastic bristle of toothbrush for kids, and non-fluorine / low-fluorine toothpaste helps Baby teeth care step by step.
The first laundry for my baby

Zero-Dust & Pureness Detergent Line

Eco-friendly detergent, derived from Nature Fit for laundry for even new born baby to all members of family. All the objects that babies touch and put in their mouth can be kept clean with the mild detergent ingredients.
Because the skin of my baby is so precious

FIRST Skincare Series

Special recipe for moisturizing in all four seasons Keeps the moisturized skin even when weather changes unpredictably.
Lighten the going out with baby

Baby Food Accessories

Must-have products for going out to ease mothers Light and portable products for going out. Allows sanitary feeding, at anytime, at anywhere.
Baby surrounding hygiene

K-MOM Hand Sanitizer

Mist type of Portable and handy sanitizing Allows hand sanitizing without need of water or soap. Can be used reliably with the fermented alcohol that prevents stimulating baby skin.