MOTHER-K X K-Mom launches the Back-to-the-Zero Project for Green Survival campaign

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Date 2020-01-13

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K-Mom, created by MOTHER-K, announced on the 7th that it will carry out the Back-to-the-Zero Campaign, a Green Survival campaign.

As environmental problems have worsened recently, the interest in eco-friendly materials has increased, and people from all walks of life are actively carrying out a Green Survival campaign that does not harm the environment.

In order to protect the environment by properly separating used plastic containers, Mother-K X K-Mom will hold an event to send six new products when six empty bottles of Zero-Dust detergent are sent.

K-Mom’s Zero-Dust Laundry Detergent is a certified eco-friendly detergent that uses plant-derived ingredients to minimize skin irritation, even though it is still very powerful due to utilizing patented technology to remove heavy metals. It uses "Refined Perfect Pure water (R.P.P water)" to increase the combined power of water and cleaning ingredients, and is a Green Survival detergent that can wash off not only the piled up dirt but also the ingrained dirt.

The Back-to-the-Zero Campaign delivers the new bottles in a bundle for a set period of time when you send the six empty bottles of Zero-Dust Laundry Detergent to the MOTHER-K headquarters after filling out an application to collect the empty bottles. The first application period will end on November 30th and the second application period will be from December 1st to December 31st. In addition, the new products will be delivered in a bundle on a fixed date after December. More details can be found through the MOTHER-K official mall or on Instagram.

A MOTHER-K official said, "As a company that makes childcare products for our beloved children, we have no choice but to think about future environmental issues all the time. We will make various efforts for the future environment of our children through new product development and campaigns.”

K-Mom is a second brand created by MOTHER-K, and the Zero-Dust line consists of six different types of products: a multi-purpose cleanser that can be used in baby bathtubs or toilets, a stain remover that is excellent for milk or soil stain removal, a baby bottle cleanser, a hand sanitizer for infants, a detergent, and a fabric softener.

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