New thoughts for mothers
MOTHER-K thought about mother’s comfort that keeps the balance of the child care and mother’s own life.
Considering mother’s happiness preferentially, we design and provide safe and reliable baby product.
Hope these products can help the new mothers when caring babies for the first time.
Will providing comfortability when going out be helpful for mothers who are exhausted from child caring?
What kind of products can make the going out happier?
MOTHER-K studied for baby products that can be helpful after considering mothers’ worries and solutions.
MOTHER-K’s thoughts regarding the handy going out has led to Launching disposable feeding bottle, breast milk and powdered milk storage bag,
Food storage bags to reduce the size of bags when going out with babies.
Mother-K keeps on testing and studying to develop quality to meet everyone’s satisfaction,
Products that did not exist will be developed for mothers’ happy child care.